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Our Log Homes - Built to Last Generations

Your time is valuable, so ask yourself, "Why am I browsing log home web sites?" If you are like a lot of people browsing ALStrongwood.com, you've had a long time dream surrounding Log Homes. In your minds-eye you see a log home nestled in a wooded subdivision or on a lake. You get images of love and warmth. You feel a warm glow. You picture your family cozy, snug, warm and dry in a golden atmosphere. You can almost hear logs crackling in an open fireplace

This dream is deep within many humans. For many it is just below the conscious level and for others we are conscious of it. We at Alabama Strongwood Log Homes have our own dream and it comes in two parts. The first part is to prove to you that your dream can become your reality. The second part is to make it your reality.

So take a trip with us. Let us prove to you that a log home is in your future. Then let us prove to you why Alabama Stongwood Log Homes, L.L.C. should be the one you entrust to make it your reality.

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Alabama Strongwood Log Homes, L.L.C.

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